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Oil Heat

The insurance industry has seen an increase in fuel leakage from residential oil tanks in past years. Leaking heating oil spreads quickly and is easily absorbed by porous substances such as your home’s concrete foundation and contaminates soil and groundwater. Clean up of an oil leak or spill can be a complex process with costs that may run into thousands of dollars, especially if pollution of drinking water is involved. As a result, pollution from residential oil tanks is a major source of concern.

Published: 2013-09-25 - by: HRC Insurance

Fall Vehicle Maintenance

Properly prepping your vehicle for fall and winter will keep you and others safer on the road. Many small maintenance projects can be done without a trip to the mechanic and can make a big difference.

Published: 2013-09-18 - by: HRC Insurance

Summer Storage

The nights are getting cooler and the days are far from the 20’s, fall is here. Before summer becomes a memory take the time to properly clean and store water toys and equipment so there are no issues when it is time to use them again in summer 2014.

Published: 2013-09-11 - by: HRC Insurance

Back To School Safety

Summer is officially over. While parents may be excited about their kids getting out of the house and back in the classroom, sending them out the door with their lunch isn’t enough. When it comes to back to school safety, safe practices by both parents and children is the only option.

Published: 2013-09-04 - by: HRC Insurance

    Since the 1900's...

    Born under the name George Hutcheson, Hutcheson, Reynolds & Caswell Ltd. began providing insurance policies in Muskoka since the early 1900s. Bernard Reynolds joined the firm in the 1940s and purchased the firm from George Hutcheson in 1967. Finally, in 1980, David Caswell joined the company's ranks to complete Hutcheson, Reynolds and Caswell. We have grown along with our name and provide the same dedication to superior customer service and top-notch insurance coverage that George Hutcheson was famous for over 100 years ago.