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New traffic laws coming into effect September 1st

Starting September 1st new traffic laws are coming into effect. With the new legislation Ontario will have some of the toughest distracted driving penalties in the world. The new bill also includes new laws for drivers in regards to cyclists and pedestrians in order to reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities on our roads.

Published: 2015-08-28 9:13:00 AM - by: HRC Insurance

Rattlesnake Safety

If you are up north this weekend or at the cottage, keep an eye out for rattlesnakes. There have already been 10 people who have been bitten this year by a rattlesnake, up from 9 last year. The Massasauga rattlesnake is easily camouflaged. They range from dark brown to gray with saddle-shaped or butterfly blotches down the back and sides and is about 50 to 70 centimeters long.

Published: 2015-08-21 4:07:00 PM - by: HRC Insurance

Sun Safety

Most of us like to be outside on a nice hot sunny day, but too much sun and heat can be harmful and dangerous. It’s a good idea to know the warning signs and how to protect yourself from the suns harmful UV rays. UVB rays are usually the strongest between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. so plan your day accordingly. Maybe you’re spending the weekend around town, or maybe you’re spending it at the cottage. Here are some tips to help you stay safe outdoors this weekend.

Published: 2015-08-14 2:47:00 PM - by: HRC Insurance

Wildlife Safety Tips

Collisions between cars and wildlife can result in serious vehicle damage, personal injury or even death. In Ontario, one in every 17 motor-vehicle collisions involves wildlife. Last month in cottage country the number was as high as one in three collisions involved wildlife. This number is on the rise due to climate change, human encroachment and an increase in some wildlife populations. While wildlife can be unpredictable, there are some precautions you can take while driving to help you steer clear of wildlife on the road.

Published: 2015-08-07 3:41:00 PM - by: HRC Insurance

    Since the 1900's...

    Born under the name George Hutcheson, Hutcheson, Reynolds & Caswell Ltd. began providing insurance policies in Muskoka since the early 1900s. Bernard Reynolds joined the firm in the 1940s and purchased the firm from George Hutcheson in 1967. Finally, in 1980, David Caswell joined the company's ranks to complete Hutcheson, Reynolds and Caswell. We have grown along with our name and provide the same dedication to superior customer service and top-notch insurance coverage that George Hutcheson was famous for over 100 years ago.