5 Money Saving Tricks for Homeowners

Check out these five tricks that can save you money in your home! 


  1. Check insulation in your attic- Install more if needed! There should be at least six inches of insulation in each panel. This home-owner task will save money on heating expenses. 
  2. Install a programmable thermostat- This allows you to schedule an automatic increase or decrease in your home’s temperature. Program the thermostat to your preference and save money year round by preventing your home from becoming too hot or too cold. 
  3. Replace your air filters- Replacing your air filters takes about 10 seconds, and will prevent an outdated filter from not producing adequate air quality AND from overworking to produce clean air, and therefore using more energy. 
  4. Mark any cracks on your basement walls with dated masking tape- This trick is a preventative measure, and allows you to monitor a potential problem in your home before the repairs become more expensive. Minor cracks in basement walls are normal from the settling of the house’s foundation, however it is when they begin to grow that the repairs can be costly. Monitor the cracks by placing dated masking tape around them, marking their length. Check back monthly to observe if any change has occurred. If the cracks are growing, repairs will be less expensive before the problem progresses further. 
  5. Plant Shade Trees near your house- Mother nature can help you save significantly on summer cooling costs, and heating costs in the winter, too. 

“Plant deciduous trees- the kind that lose their leaves in the fall- on the western and eastern sides of your house. The leafy shade trees will naturally cool your home during the hot summer months by reducing the amount of direct sunlight that hits your house.

In the winter, they’ll lose their leaves, allowing sunlight to stream through and help heat your home. 

As an added bonus, mature trees can increase your property value, just be sure to plant them a safe distance from your home and any power lines.” 



We hope you’ll give these tricks a try and save on home expenses.


Happy Friday! 


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