Avoiding Thanksgiving Dinner Disaster- How To's


Thanksgiving weekend is here and we can’t wait for family time, good food, and celebrating things we’re thankful for— like our clients! Thanksgiving often means big gatherings with lots of food, which could explain why Thanksgiving Day has the highest number of cooking related injuries and fires each year. We want to ensure you stay out of the emergency room and enjoy a safe weekend in the company of loved ones, so we’ve gathered a list of common safety hazards for you to watch out for! 

 One of the most popular Thanksgiving hazards is Turkey Fryers. This cooking method is the leading cause of fire and grease burns. Heres how to avoid mishap:

- Keep fryer in full view while the burner is on.

- Place fryer in an open area away from all walls, fences, or other structures.

- Never use in, on or under a garage, breezeway, carport, porch, or any structure that can catch fire.

- Raise and lower food slowly to reduce splatter, avoid burns, and NEVER use a FROZEN TURKEY in the fryer.

- Cover bare skin when adding or removing food

- If a fire occurs, call 911 immediately. DO NOT attempt to extinguish the fire with water. 

 In addition, never leave food cooking unsupervised, keep children away from the stove, and make sure the floor remains free of anything that could cause tripping. And of course, make sure fire alarms are in working order. 

Not only cooking can cause Thanksgiving fires, though. Often the beginning of the holiday season calls for elaborate decorations, which presents new hazards to watch out for, such as ladder falls and electric shocks:

- Leave lights unplugged while uncoiling, arranging, and attaching them to anything.

-Pay attention to ladder clearance. Do not get near power lines, and make sure the base surface is level before climbing onto a ladder.

-Keep small bulbs and fuses away from young children as they can pose a serious choking hazard.

- Replace all broken or missing bulbs with the power OFF.

-Do not plug more than three standard-sized sets of lights into a single extension cord.

- Always use an approved ladder or step stool when decorating for the holidays. NEVER use a chair or anything else to stand on that may become unstable

-Check last season's lights carefully and discard them if wires are frayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged. 

With caution in mind, everyone is capable of a successful Thanksgiving celebration. We hope you all have a chance to spend time with family or friends this weekend, and reflect on your reasons to be thankful. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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