Back to Basics- Jump-Starting A Car

A basic skill each car owner should have knowledge on is “How To Jump Start A car”. Jump starting is a resolution when you find yourself with a drained battery and unable to start your car. Need a refresher on this handy skill? Lets go over it together. 


  1. Turn off electrical components- Things like lights, windshield wipers, radios, charging cables, etc., all use battery. Ensure these are turned off to charge the battery effectively. 
  2. Park a second car closely- You want your batteries to be as close as possible! You can park the cars face to face or side to side, either way, ensure they are not touching. 
  3. Locate Jumper Cables- These should be in your car’s emergency tool kit. 
  4. Locate each of the batteries- One in each vehicle. Generally under the hood or in the trunk go your vehicle. If the battery is not easily accessible, you will most likely have a charging post under the hood that is connected to the battery. 
  5. Connect the jumper cables to the red (positive) posts- Connect the red clip to the dead battery’s post first. Next, connect the other red end to the live battery’s post. 
  6. Connect the black cable to the black post of the good battery- This is the negative charge. Your cables are now live, so be careful not to touch the last metal clip to yourself or any part of your car besides unpainted metal under the hood. 
  7. Connect the last black clip- Connect the remaining black clip to a sturdy piece of metal under the hood of the car with a dead battery. This cable is referred to as a ground and completes the electric circuit. This can cause sparking and can damage your battery, which is why you should ground the circuit to a piece of metal far away from your dead battery, and NOT on the black battery terminal of the dead battery. 
  8. Start the car with the good battery- This will start the charging process.
  9. Allow your battery to charge for a moment- Turn on an interior light to test if you have enough battery to turn the engine on. 
  10. Attempt to start your car- Sometimes it works immediately, sometimes it needs more charging time. 
  11. Remove the ground- Once your car is running, remove the black clip attached to the metal ground, followed by the black clip from the good battery, then the red clip from the same battery, and the red from the bad. 
  12. Close your hoods. 


And thats it! 12 simple steps to jump-starting you car!


Safe driving everyone,





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