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Bringing in the New Year!

2014 was a great year as we have made amazing new discoveries. This year has been full of extraordinary events and some very controversial news topics. With our world changing every second comes the age of technology, with everything being digital we must not forget the simplicity and beauty that nature can offer. Those times at the cottage won't be the same if the water is not as clean or the air is not as fresh. While we all live busy lives always remember to give back to the earth and the community, even a few small caring gestures can greatly help the planet and make the difference that is needed.

2014 Moments

Mourning the death of a comical genius Robin Williams

Fighting ebola

Landing on a comet

Creating more electrically sustainable cars

Emailing tools to space with 3D printers

New Years Eve

With the year coming to an end and a new one just around the corner, this may seem like an awesome time to have a get together or even a party at your home or cottage. Make sure if you, your friends or your family consume alcoholic beverages that they have a plan to either stay or have a ride back. Drinking and driving is very dangerous, remember if anyone leaves your home or cottage and drives, you are responsible. Having a plan can not only save lives but also create an amazing holiday for everyone.

Resolution Ideas

Incorporate more health conscious routines into your lifestyle

Give up one or more bad habits and stick to it

Create financial plans to create an upwards swing into positive numbers

Travel more

Spend more time with family

Spend less

Keep learning

Stay organized

Spend more time at the cottage


“Tomorrow is the first page to a 365 page book, write a good one!” -Brad Paisley

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