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Do Renovations Effect My Insurance?

Are you in renovations mode? Renovations are a great way to increase the value or your home without having to make a big move. Weather you are doing renovations to update your home, increase size, living space, or just add a new twist to your old space you may need to contact your insurance broker before starting.

An online survey of 2,748 Canadians was completed in February by Environics Research that only 6% of Canadians checked their home insurance policy to ensure they were covered during the upgrades. More than half (56%) of Canadian homeowners also believed they will be covered under their original policy while their home is being renovated, this is not true. After the renovations are completed only 16% of Canadians asked their insurer if they needed an update following their renovation.

Here is some information on home renovations and why you should be contacting your insurance company before and after your renovations.

Now the question most people as is what is the definition of a renovation?

Well like other things, it varies. Some consider a renovation to be painting walls or changing baseboards where to others these actions might be simple maintenance done to the property. These other individuals may believe renovations to be more along the lines of tearing down walls, building new rooms or add ones, updating heating/cooling systems and updating the exterior/ roof.

Why to contact your broker?

  1. Renovations can increase the value of your home.

  2. Vacating your home can invalidate your policy.

  3. Extensive renovations may change the classification of your policy.

  4. You may be liable for injuries to workers on your property.

  5. You never know what you may find.

So when do you contact your broker?

 Generally speaking, if you are doing something as simple as re-painting your walls, you probably do not need to contact your broker. For more extensive renovations or ones where you are changing the structure of your home are the types of renovations that you should inform your broker of. Here is an example list of 10 renovations that you should contact your broker in regards to.

  1. Pool and Trampoline

  2. Roof

  3. Plumbing

  4. Wiring

  5. Alarm System

  6. Deadbolt Locks

  7. Smoke Alarms/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  8. Indoor Sprinklers

  9. Extensions or structure changes

  10. Every Other Renovation

It is always best that if you plan a renovation to contact your insurance company before and after your project. Contacting your insurance company before can insure you are taking the correct precautions when it comes to your insurance and its policy. Contacting your insurance company after can decide weather or not your coverage and plan will need to be updated based on your renovations.

It is better to be safe than sorry, make the call!




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