Halloween safety

As Halloween fast approaches, we need to keep the safety side of things in mind. With night falling faster and faster, Halloween's sunset will be around 6:08 PM meaning there will not be much time to trick or treat before the night falls. Taking simple precautions from choosing a lighter costume color to wearing a flashlight or reflective tape can help to keep everyone safe this spooky night!

For Parents

  • Helping your kids create or choose costumes with bright colors or reflective tape adds visibility for drivers

  • Make sure the costume that your children pick does not impede their ability to move and react fast; Costumes with long cloth or strings around their feet can be a tripping hazard, or costumes with masks sometimes can be hard to see from and may not be the best choice

  • Children 11 years old and younger should be accompanied by an adult, if older it is wise to travel with large groups of friends.

Children not accompanied by an adult

  • Create a route and make sure that your parents know where you are going and when you will be back

  • Check in frequently, letting a parent know that you are on route and everything is going well this can drastically ease parents concerns

  • If you are with other kids having complicated costumes can sometimes work against you, creating a costume with minimal hazards is always best

  • Make sure your costume allows plenty of visibility and enough agility to be able to move fast with minimal effort

  • Kids traveling without a parent should be at least 12-13 depending on their maturity level


  • Look all ways before crossing the street

  • Don't eat candy before your parents check it first

  • Never eat pre-opened candy

  • Carry a flashlight

  • Never enter a persons house or car without your parents approval

  • Never get a ride from a stranger

Home Owners

  • Make sure if you participate in Halloween that a path is visible up to your door

  • Clear the path for tripping hazards

  • While low light may add a very spooky atmosphere, it can also create shadows on stairs and steps possibly creating a liability


  • Reduce speed on the night of the 31st as there are many more kids out and around and the risk for a pedestrian collision is much higher


Halloween is about being in the spirit and being safe, having a fun night is always a top priority but just remember the safety side of things. If you see anything out of the ordinary tell someone. Creating awareness is how a community can create a safe environment while having a spectacular and spooky Halloween!


For more Halloween safety tips check out the link below!




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