Kitchen Safety Tips

 The kitchen can be a dangerous place. You are working with boiling liquids, hot surfaces, and handling sharp knifes and utensils. Cooking can be fun, but kitchen safety is always a priority. A good part of kitchen safety is keeping organized and planning in the kitchen. So let’s learn how to stay safe in the kitchen.


1. Don’t rush

  Rushing around in the kitchen can result in an accident. Try to cut food slowly, take your time going from station to station and do not rush while moving hot pots and pans. There is no need to save a few minutes if it raises the risk of an accident. Also never bake or cook if you are under the influence of alcohol, medications, or if you are tired.


2. Wear safe clothing

  Make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothes for the kitchen. Sleeves should not be long and/ or flowing. Do not wear loose clothing or anything that is flammable, and avoid synthetic clothing, which can melt onto your skin if it catches on fire. Also keep your hair tied back and never cook while wearing dangling jewellery.


3. Keep kids and pets out of the kitchen

  Children and pets do not belong in the kitchen. Not only can kids and pets be a distraction, but they can be easily hurt themselves by pulling hot pots down or tripping you while carrying something heavy. Do not hold onto a baby or child while cooking. If you would like to teach your children about cooking, start with simple recipes that do not involve a lot of cutting, heat or appliances. Turn pot handles away from the front of the stove. Children can easily grab them, and adults can easily bump into them causing them to fall and spill that could result in serious burns.


4.  Always use oven mitts

  Keep a good selection of hot pads and/ or oven mitts on hand but do not keep them near an open flame. Always use them for any bowl, pot or pan that is hot or has been in an appliance. It’s also important to use them while taking items out of the microwave. When an oven mitt or hot pad gets wet, do not use it since it can easily transmit heat. Remember to keep anything flammable at least one metre away from an open flame.


5. Wipe up spills immediately

  Cleaning up spills as you go, not only helps you save time when cleaning up the kitchen, but will help prevent accidents. Also keep the floor dry so that no one slips and falls. Watch out for cooking sprays, if they are sprayed on the floor, the surface will become very slippery which can result in a fall.


6. Watch out for steam

  Steam can burn just as easily as hot liquid or a hot burner can. Be very careful around coved microwaved foods, and food that have been cooked in packets. Use a hot pad or oven mitts while handing and open away from your face. When you take a lid off a boiling pot, pull the lid towards you so you don’t burn your hands from the steam.


7. Get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen

  This device can avert a disaster. Make sure you know how to use it before a fire brakes out. You will not want to waste any time reading the directions amidst the flames. 

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