Myth Busters- Do You Believe These Six Distracted Driving Myths?

Though “Distracted Driving” continues to be a popular topic of discussion, there are many common widely-accepted misconceptions about the concept. This holiday season, keep your attention on the busy roads throughout your commutes, and be aware of and avoid potential distractions. 


  1. If your vehicle is not accelerating, you can check your phone- Myth: Even at stop lights, its important to remain alert if you are in control of the vehicle. A recent AAA study shows that drivers are distracted up to 27 seconds after sending a voice text. 
  2. Distracted Driving Only Involves Cell Phones- Myth: A distraction qualifies as such any time the drivers eyes, hands, or concentration are diverted from driving safely. Non cellphone related distractions can be applying makeup, eating, drinking, loud music, etc. 
  3. Distracted Driving Is Only A Problem For Young Drivers- Myth: While younger drivers are certainly at risk, only 16% of distracted driving related accidents involve drivers under the age of 20. 
  4. Answering A Text Only Takes A Second- Myth: One text response takes on average five seconds, excluding time using your phone any time other than typing the response. This is long enough for a vehicle travelling 55mph to travel the distance equivalent to an entire football field. 
  5. Hands Free Devices Don’t Impair My Driving- Myth: Studies have shown that even verbally carrying out a conversation creates a cognitive distraction that can cause drivers to be less alert and ignore visual and audio cues. 
  6. My GPS Is Not A Distraction- Myth: A GPS often requires adjustments made by the driver, utilizing their eyes and hands. Even though many GPS Systems are built into the vehicles, they still pose a threat to distract. 


Can you believe these are all myths? 


Happy holidays everyone, drive safely! 


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