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Opening Your Cottage This Spring


Opening Your Cottage This Spring

It's officially June which means it’s that time of the year that you pack up for a weekend get-a-way up to the cottage for some R&R (if you haven't already). However after a long winter away from the cottage, you may be a bit nervous to what you might expect to see. Here are a few tips to help make opening the cottage a breeze.



Before you go:

  • Make sure you have all current insurance documents for your cottage, boat, trailer and other.

  • Contact your hydro and phone companies to have all of your services turned on.

  • Prepare a contact list for your insurance, hydro, and water companies.

  • Pack extra, food, clothes, batteries, safety kit, tools and cleaning supplies.

  • Check the weather- be prepared for what mother nature may bring.

When you arrive:

  • Do an over all inspection of the outdoor property this includes:

    • Power lines

    • Phone Lines

    • Trees

    • Roof

    • Chimney Stack

    • Deck

    • Dock

    • Siding

    • Windows

    • Screens

    • Under the cottage – posts, pads, beams

  • Do an over all inspection inside your cottage this includes:

    • Cupboards, closets, dressers for mice and other small animals

    • The ceiling and walls for water leaks

    • Outlets, switches and power cords

    • Plumbing and waterlines

    • Indoor fireplace or heater

    • All kitchen appliances (fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher and other small appliances)


    • Inspect fire extinguisher

    • Inspect fire and smoke alarms

    • Inspect carbon monoxide detectors

    • Insure first aid kit and supplies are stocked and up to date (bandages, medication, bugs spray, sunscreen, etc.)

Sit back relax and enjoy!

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