Other Policies

Customize your policy to suit your needs

Our staff has a wealth of experience in creating custom policies to suit your needs. Not sure if we have the policy that's right for you? Call us today and book a consultation with an agent that can help you find the right insurance policy.

  • Cottage Policies (we do not have to insure your principle residence)
  • Planning to rent your cottage? We can provide coverage for you

Other Available Programs:

  • Recreational Toys
  • Retail Outlets
  • Offices
  • Trades Programs

Since the 1900's...

Born under the name George Hutcheson, Hutcheson, Reynolds & Caswell Ltd. began providing insurance policies in Muskoka since the early 1900s. Bernard Reynolds joined the firm in the 1940s and purchased the firm from George Hutcheson in 1967. Finally, in 1980, David Caswell joined the company's ranks to complete Hutcheson, Reynolds and Caswell. We have grown along with our name and provide the same dedication to superior customer service and top-notch insurance coverage that George Hutcheson was famous for over 100 years ago.