Remembrance Day

Have you ever wondered how Remembrance Day began or why it was created? This special day has had less and less support as the years go on. People want to forget the past and move on but the past is what has created our security as a country. We need to create more awareness about this holiday as it is not only a day, but a sacrifice we need to appreciate and cherish.


Many people may know what happened on November 11th 1918 but for the ones who don't here is a brief
history. As we know World War 1 went on for a long time and there were many soldiers whose lives were lost in this war involving 35 countries. This war was not to be taken lightly as this was an attempt for every country to have a chance to increase landmass by whatever means necessary. On the 11th month of the 11th day during the 11th hour Germany signed the Armistice at Compiegne agreement creating peace in what was a very tragic battle.

Now you may be wondering how a small, red flower became the symbol to remember this day. Poppy seeds can stay ungerminated for up to 10 years, they only seed and flourish in soil that has been uprooted. When the war came through flanders fields the ground became very optimal for these flowers to grow. Armistice day (now known as Remembrance Day) uses the Poppy because of the abundance of plants that grew when the war was going on as well as the vibrant red color to remember the bloodshed sacrificed for our freedom today. Without brave soldiers and a strong country behind them we may not have had a chance to live the life we lead today.

Remembrance Day is not a day to be sad or dread the past but it is about creating a unity within our country and giving thanks to the freedom we have today. We need to remember the brave souls of our past and the tragic times they went through for us as the road they traveled had many sorrows.


Show your support by wearing a poppy this Remembrance Day!

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