Road Rage

Have you ever experienced a driver honking and driving erratically behind you? Then you have experienced road rage first hand. Road rage is not something that should be brushed off or thought of as normal behavior. 8 in 10 Canadians have admitted to engage in road rage conduct. These actions add stress and create tension for everyone and solve nothing. 

Here are a few helpful points to help prevent road rage for everyone including yourself: 

Get a good nights sleep

Sleep is a contributing factor in adding stress and inhibiting ones ability to cope especially when dealing with rush hour or even a busy small town.

Be Early

Being early is probably one of the most important things to keep in mind as pressure builds when people are late for appointments or work.

Listen to Calming Music

Music calms especially if its music that you like and creates a secure feeling, sometimes your favorite metal or classic rock may provoke road rage because of the mood or undertone to the songs.


When placed in a stressful situation, taking a deep breath never hurts. Breathing and slowing your breath intervals has been proven to actually slow down and calm your heart rate.

Risk Involved

Road rage is dangerous, most if not all road rage incidences are illegal and can end up emptying your wallet not to mention taking a few demerit points at times.


Being kind is the best remedy of all, stress adds anger but if you prepare for the drive and have enough time to spare. Let a few people in or let a pedestrian go before you, its worth the extra 5 minutes. If we all think of others before our self, the world can be a much safer place adding more friendships and less accidents and stress overall.


For some more information on road rage check out the link below:

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