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Severe Weather Flooding/Rainfall

Have you ever witnessed the power of nature? There are ways we can create a safe and secure home to
combat the growing number of climate related severe weather patterns. We need to first find out what risks we might face in the near future based on weather trends. In 1980 weather related claims from North American insurance agencies was around 2 billion and in 2004 this number has jumped to 55 billion and rising. Flooding and heavy rainfall has been a significant factor in insurance claims in the last century and as the storms become more frequent so does the possibility for water damage.

Here are a few tips to help protect your home, cottage or property against flooding and heavy rainfall;


  • Use battery back up for sump pump in power outage
  • Install sewer back flow valve
  • Elimination of foundation cracks
  • Make sure the home/cottage has weeping tile
  • Drainage around homes with Big-O/Crushed gravel and river rock


Lake Levels

  • Raised/floating docks/boathouses to allow fluctuation
  • Secure Cribs with minimal sway or movement
  • Removable dock systems

Keeping flooding and severe rain under control takes proactive measures to stop any problems before they happen. Make sure your home or cottage has proper drainage and a secure and watertight basement. Also, watching the rise and fall in lake levels could help to keep all of your assets out of harms way.

For more information on water damage protection check out the link below:



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