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Spring Automobile Maintenance

As spring approaches and driving adventures become more frequent, remember to get a spring check up as winter can be very hard on your car. A few things they/you can check will be; your tires, tire pressure, your last oil change date, fluid levels, door hinges, brakes. This is not nearly the whole list but these are a few simple items that can help prolong the life of your vehicle.

Below is a list of crucial components, parts and services that make the transition from winter to spring easier on your automobile.


You may think it’s as simple as buying a set of all season tires and throwing them on but this may not be the case. Living in cottage country many of us know its very beneficial to switch tires from summers to winters. Taking them off too early may be dangerous and taking them off too late can be hard on the soft rubber of your winter tires. A good rule is to switch them when the average temperature rises above freezing. Beware to check with your insurance company if they have a minimum requirement date in which you cannot remove your winter tires for the discount.


Brakes are sometimes hard to tell when they are on their way out but some good indicators include; loud noises from the brake pads (squealing alert), brake sensor on dash, car shakes excessively upon braking or minimal effectiveness during braking. If you have any of these symptoms you may want to take your automobile to get a brake inspection.

Car Wash/ Clean

Washing your car periodically in the winter on warm days can help to prevent rust but it's always a good idea going into spring to give your car a thorough car wash to eliminate all traces of salt or sand in your wheelwells and on the underside of your car. Giving a good interior clean can also help to give you a fresh feel and a good start to a new year.

Fluid levels

Just taking five minutes and referring to your owner's manual about fluid levels can be a great spring idea. Checking them multiple times a year is recommended as some fluids are crucial in your engines survival such as oil and coolant. Reading the Owners Manual can help to eliminate confusion regarding cap colors and what reservoirs are what fluid.


Oil is vital in a car as it lubricates the engine, but you may not think about other places cars need oil. Oil is sometimes sprayed on the underside of your car to prevent salts from eating away your body work, this service can greatly extend the lifespan of your chassis. Make your trunk or doors open easier by using a lubricant on your door hinges, door latches, trunk hydraulic, trunk latch, and any other latches or moving parts that seem stiff that usually move freely.

Overall the better you care for your vehicle the better it will treat you in return. Being up north can have its fair share of adventures and challenges but the beauty of Muskoka makes it worth it. Take the extra few minutes to ensure your car is ready for an amazing cottage season to come!

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