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Spring Rivers and Streams

With ice and snow melting we must remember there is always a chance for flash floods and heavy current in nearby streams and rivers. These rivers and streams can quickly double in size as some may be dam controlled or even the possibility of beaver dams giving out. Staying away from moving water this spring could make the difference from a dry hike to a freezing and unexpected spill into a river or stream.


While playing in creeks and streams in the spring is sometimes fun there can also be large hazards associated with it. Some streams are dam controlled and while it may not seem like much water is running right now there could easily be a flood of water with a press of a button.  Be sure to check where the source of the stream comes from by using either google maps or calling the local ministry. Another good way to tell if the area is dam controlled is to see if the waterline could be higher and if it could handle more water flow. Staying away from dam controlled streams is a great idea because there is always the possibility for the water to change very fast. Beaver dams can be of concern as well as they can give out taking cars and even whole sections of road with them such as the road on brunel just this last summer.

Rivers and Streams

Rivers and streams are very dangerous at this time of year and we should stay clear as there are many dangers. Making sure your kids know about this is a great idea as some kids might think the ie is safe as they see people ice fishing but don't know where the ice is safe and where it is very thin. Also keeping a close eye on your pets around water can be a good precaution as there have been many dogs and animals that slip into frigid water and have a hard time getting back out.

Spring thaw is always unpredictable, whether it’s melting and unpredictable ice or the potential for flooding. If going near water do some research and always use common sense. Stay safe this spring by exercising caution around moving water and even still water with thin ice.

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