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Spring Thaw Precautions

With the first signs of spring coming our way there are a few things we must keep in mind. Melting of large amounts of snow and ice can have significant flooding threats and being prepared is always a good idea. Also roof ice can be a tremendous falling hazard as the ice chunks can weigh up to a couple hundred pounds or even more.

Foundation and Basements

Whether your home or cottage is near water or not, there is always a possibility of flooding in the spring as melting snow can seep into your basement or enter other places it should not be. Making sure your sump pump is working is always a good idea this time of year especially if you are going away for any period of time. Also checking your foundation is a good idea. If you notice any damp areas that are usually dry you might have foundation leaks that could potentially create mold. Making sure snow is not right up against your home can help to diminish the risk of basement wetness as the water will melt and run away from your foundation.

Look Up?

Looking up is never a bad idea in spring as snow and ice has a bad habit of falling where we don't want it to. Whether it is safety for people walking, to potential hazards for vehicles it is always wise to watch out for falling snow and ice.

Driving Through Puddles

Driving through puddles in the spring may seem like common sense but there are many hidden dangers that can impact your safety. When the snow and ice melts there can be sections of roads that may be flooded and when you hit long puddles at speed there is a large possibility for hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning (called aquaplaning in Europe and Asia) occurs when water on the roadway accumulates in front of your vehicle's tires faster that the weight of your vehicle can push it out of the way. The water pressure can cause your car to rise up and slide on top of a thin layer of water between your tires and the road.


To avoid hydroplaning reduce your speed and proceed with caution. Also water can sometimes freeze on the road creating invisible ice or even ice that looks like water. Drive with caution this spring and remember checking the weather can be a great tool for knowing the risks of the road before you get out there on the road especially on longer road trips.


This spring we must think about where the water from all of the snow will go. Thinking ahead will keep our largest assets safe but most importantly us safe.

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