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Spring Tips and Tricks for a Safe and Healthy home

With spring arriving and warmer weather on the way we need to get ready for this summer by making sure our house is ready for what we have to throw at it. Whether it is bringing in new plants to purify the air to caulking the windows from the winter ice damage its a great time to get ready for the sunshine and summer fun that's on the way.


Did you know that having a plant in your home not only can created more oxygen but also can purify toxins in the air? There are many lists of plants that are great for your home but this all depends on whether you are looking for fragrance, looks, air quality, food/herbs etc. A general rule for a great plant to filter air and give back clean and fresh air is large leafy plants one that stands out on many plant websites are spider plant and snake plant.


The key to having a dry basement is making sure all moisture is away from your foundation but if you do happen to get a little bit of water or moisture in your basement dehumidifiers are a great tool. Buying a dehumidifier can take buckets of water out of the air and help to dry out carpets walls and wood preventing rotting and mold growth.

Cottage/House repair

While you are doing your spring cleaning this could be a great time to do some repairs on your house that the winter caused. Hopefully the winter left your home/cottage scot free but in the case that damages occurred its good to just walk around your home with a careful eye on detail. Some winters can have thaws and refreezes that can create cracks around windows and or doors. Caulking these gaps can save your siding and internal structure of your home. Giving your gutters a quick clean can also help drainage in the spring as they can take water away from your homes foundation.


Overall this spring try to create a functional house with preventative measures. Taking the extra minute to buy a plant for your house or fixing that wet basement can a more pleasant atmosphere and a great fresh feel for the spring!


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