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Think Green!

Have you ever wondered how to implement green ideas without breaking the bank? There are many ways to live a more sustainable life while saving money and the planet. In a large part of the world we refer to sustainability as three circles or sections. The first is environmental, second social, and last but not least economic. These three regions should balance to create a harmonious environment for all to thrive equally while keeping a system for humans to have an economic equity. 


When it comes to the environment we should think of ways to stay eco-friendly and create a clean, well looked after planet. The kids of today and their kids are the ones who will have to deal with the repercussions of our actions just like our grandparents set the path for us. If we take a fraction of our knowledge about global warming and new technologies and implement just one idea a day, it could have drastic changes and possibly curve our impact on the Earth.


Life is not just about striving to do the best you can as an individual, but also about creating wealth in knowledge and learning as a community. Social rights have dramatically changed how we look at the planet and others in the last 100 years, but think about what will happen in the next century. Now think how much further along we could be if we all strive to help each other. The world is filled with complex challenges,  and its always a little easier when someone’s there to help.


Barter systems in the early days consisted of trading pelts for food or food for coins. This system has become a lot more complex and can be stressful if not carefully managed. Economics is not just about money but also about the way we thrive and create systems that allow us to have equality within governed towns and cities.

Allowing our economic structure to cohere with the environment as well as our social habits brings together this idea of sustainability. Safety should be a top priority because if one of these three pillars were to fall, our sustainability model will fall vulnerable to environmental issues, economically hard times, or social chaos. On a positive note, we have all three sections alligned but there are always ways we can improve. Be kind to everyone you meet, be fair and honest in economic situations and be concious of our largest resource, Planet Earth.

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