Attention All Skiiers and Snowboarders

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Attention All Skiiers and Snowboarders

Squeeze in all the skiing you can before the season is over! Don’t forget, we are offering a discounted insurance package for members of Alpine Ontario (Information Below). Here’s a look at ski conditions this sunny Sunday, at our local Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area.  

Snow: Machine Groomed  

Recent Snowfall: 2cm in past 72 hours 

All eleven trails and four lifts are open!  

Temperature: -8 degrees celsius today 


Alpine Insurance Discount:  

Exclusive to AOA Members, a 10% discount on car and auto insurance is offered through HRC. We aim to promote lifelong enjoyment of, and excellent ski racing. Alpine Ontario has partnered with Aviva and HRC Insurance to offer this exclusive discount. Visit the website or inquire with our office for even more info, or to get your quote!  

We hope to see you out on the slopes!  

HRC Insurance  

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