Back to School Safety Tips

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Back to School Safety Tips

Can you believe it, back to school already? You may be starting to think about back to school needs, or what teacher your kids might have, but we need to focus on the safety of our future generation this week! With numerous amounts of kids around in the mornings and after school; we have to be aware and cautious in school zones and bus routes. Every year accidents related to schools happen but they don't have to! Below are some ways to keep this school season accident free. 


Coming into the school season means more distractions including: kids walking, biking, skateboarding and other 
methods of transportation. This increase in volume of children increases the chance of an accident. Staying aware combined with driving the posted speed limit will help increase safety on the roads. 

  • Drive the posted speed limit (watch for slow speed school zones) 
  • Be aware of kids darting out from parked cars 


Kids of all ages should be reminded of concerns related to motor vehicles and the dangers especially with distracted drivers. Here are a few points to help kids stay safe! 

  • Look not only both but all ways when crossing a street 
  • Be cautious of railway crossings 
  • Don't cross until the street light is green with a walk sign 
  • If you are ever not sure about how traffic works, ask an adult 


Bikes are a great way to get around but can be dangerous because they can be fast and come out of nowhere. Cars can predict where pedestrians will be but cannot always predict bikes. Make sure you always follow the rules of the road such as: 

  • Always stop and walk at lights even if it's a green for cars 
  • Always wear a helmet 
  • Never swerve out into traffic 

Bus Stops 

This is the final stop or beginning to a day.  

  • Never pass a bus when it’s stopped with its lights flashing 
  • Respect the road as many parents' children are on the busses 


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