Canadian Police Information Center - How it can help you!

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Canadian Police Information Center - How it can help you!

Did you know…? If you suspect that a motor vehicle or property has been stolen there is a program through the Canadian Police Information Center to search Canada’s national database to find out. 

The Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) is a Canadian National database that allows the public to search to see if a motor vehicle or property has been reported stolen.  Through this database the public can search: 

  • Vehicles by VIN (vehicle identification number) 
  • Property by serial number 
  • Boats by name, hull identification number, licence number, registration number 
  • Boat motors by serial number and type 
  • Bicycles by serial number 
  • Firearms by serial number 

To search vehicles and property follow this link: 

If following a search you receive a positive result, contact the local authorities immediately. 

The CPIC also provides law enforcement agencies the ability to access information on a number of matters. It is Canada's only national law enforcement networking computer system ensuring officers all across the country can access the same information. It also offers a link for the law enforcement officers to use the national information-sharing system which can link criminal justice and law enforcement partners across Canada and internationally.  

For more information or to read the CPIC FAQ’s follow the link below. 

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