Christmas Safety

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Christmas Safety

Christmas is sneaking up on us very quickly and with this festive family holiday we must remember a few safety tips to keep in mind. Christmas trees, lights, candles, ice, and drinking are a few of the many safety concerns we face around the holidays. Being the time of year to give and spend with family, let's do our best to keep everyone safe this eventful day. 

Home Safety 

With the Christmas tree being your focal point in your home we must make sure it is properly protected. Water in the base will help to keep it hydrated and keep its needles longer as well as giving you a much greener tree. Keeping a fire extinguisher close by is never a bad idea because having a large, dry tree in your house is a very large liability. Make sure all candles are away from the tree or any other garland as they can very easily catch fire. Other places we also need to exercise caution will be the kitchen. Kitchens around holidays are more likely to have cross contamination of food because there is usually more guests to feed and more food to prepare. Make sure if you are preparing raw meat clean up quickly after it so the probability is greatly lessened. 

Outside Safety 

With snow on the ground it looks like it will be a white Christmas. While being extremely beautiful waking up Christmas morning to a fresh dusting of snow it can also be very hazardous to drivers as well as pedestrians. Make sure when driving to leave extra space in between you and the vehicle ahead of you, stopping distances are much longer in the winter especially if there is black ice on the roads. Having a few drinks responsibly is sometimes a Christmas tradition, but remember never to drink and drive or let anyone leave your house to drive under the influence. Around your home can also bear hazards especially to older family members. Ice should be sanded, salted or shoveled before family comes up for the holidays. Falling snow and ice should also be considered as it may differ from home to home for severity.  

With all of this being said, remember the holidays are about having fun and being with people you truly care about. Have a great Christmas and from all of us at Hutcheson Reynolds and Caswell Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 


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