Flood Insurance - Do you have the right coverage?

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Flood Insurance - Do you have the right coverage?

Flood damages have risen to be one of the most costly damages to occur in homes. From 2009 to 2014 insured losses from weather-related events were close to $1 billion each year. Most of which were water related incidences. Floods have become more frequent in Canada over the past few decades and potentially could get worse in years to come. So, we want to make sure you have the right knowledge and have the right coverage to protect your home! 

First things first, we have to distinguish the difference between water damage and overland flood damage: 

 Water Damage 

This type of coverage does NOT cover water damage from an outside source. Water damage focuses within a home. Say a pipe were to burst and flooded your basement, this would be considered water damage. This coverage actually has been around for a while however it is not usually included in regular home insurance. 

 Overland Flood 

Overland flood insurance is specifically for outside water sources flowing above ground that creeps into homes through windows and doors (ie: rainfall, snow runoffs, overflowing rivers, etc). This type of damage use to be a more rare occurrence in Canada, however with floods increasing year after year this coverage has recently become more available and more popular to the public. 

Need to Know 

If you are wondering if your home is at risk, it probably is. The worst part about overland floods is that they can pretty much affect anyone in Ontario. You don’t need to live near a body of water or even a river to be at risk. However, homes located downstream and in low-lying areas are technically more at risk. 

Flooding can potentially happen anywhere. In urban or suburban areas, flooding often happens when sewage and drainage systems become backed up and rainfall has nowhere to drain. In rural areas, if the ground becomes to saturated then water will begin to pool above ground which can also cause a risk to a home.  

Flood Prevention 

Nobody wants to have a flood, even if you have the right coverage its still a stressful and time-consuming event. So, we also have a few simple steps you can take to prevent flooding in your home: 

  • Regular house inspections, checking for vulnerabilities 
  • When raining, check to see if water is pooling at any locations around your home and decide what the best solution is for proper drainage 
  • Proper storage of important documents 
  • Keeping an up to date inventory of all belongings in a home 
  • Have a home emergency kit and preparedness plan 


Contact us today to be sure you have the coverage you need to protect your home and your belongings. Most Canadians don’t know they are not insured until something goes wrong. 

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