Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween Safety Tips

Choosing the right costume 

  • Use make-up or face paint instead of a mask. But before using paint or make-up do a patch test to see if your child has a reaction. 
  • If you do use a mask, make sure it fits properly and allows you to see and breathe easily. 
  • Pick brightly coloured costumes that can be seen by motorists. Add reflective tape to the costume to increase visibility. 
  • Look for costumes and accessories that are labelled flame-resistant. 
  • Avoid costumes that are too big or have pieces that dangle which can be a tripping hazard. 


What to avoid when decorating 

  • Always have an adult carve the pumpkin. Children can help by drawing a face or design on it. 
  • Jack-o-lanterns can be fire hazards. Make sure to keep them away from curtains and other flammable objects, and do not leave them unattended. Instead of candles, consider using a small flashlight or battery candle to light up your jack-o-lantern. 
  • Keep candles in an area which children cannot reach. 
  • Do not over load extension cords. 
  • Make sure the lights are certified by a recognized organization such as CSA or ULC. 
  • Remove objects around the outside of your house that could cause children to trip or fall. 
  • Turn on your outdoor lights to increase visibility and let trick-or-treaters know they can visit. 


Stay safe while trick or treating 

  • Keep your children safe by teaching them to stay visible and to be aware of their surroundings. 
  • Go trick or treating with your child until they are old enough to go with a friend. 
  • Carry flashlights if you are trick or treating in areas that are not well-lit. Only visit homes that have their outside lights turned on. 
  • Cross the street at a corner, and never between two parked cars. 

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