Heading South This Winter?

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Heading South This Winter?

Are you heading somewhere different for the winter months? Be prepared when 

leaving to ensure your home is protected for anything winter has to throw at it. Having the right procedures in place can not only save you thousands but also create peace of mind when you are not around. Heading south may be just as far as Toronto but for those traveling outside of Canada make sure you have proper travel insurance, this can be the difference between a good trip from a great one! 

Tying up loose ends 

You may wonder how to keep your home or cottage safe in frigid winter months being hundreds or thousands of miles away. 

Below are a few ways to create a safety net for your biggest asset: 

  • If you are leaving the heat off and fully winterizing your home or cottage go through a step by step plan to ensure no damage will occur in your absence. 
  • If the heat will be left on make sure you have someone checking your cottage on a regular basis as the power to some remote homes and cottages can take longer than usual to regain heat and power. 
  • Make sure your home does not provoke theft or vandalism, having anti theft devices such as motion sensor lights and/or wireless video cameras can be a great way to deter theft and protect your home.
  • Check all vehicles to make sure they have the proper coverage as some may be over or under-insured depending on the use it will have in your absence. 

Travel Insurance 

For some, travel and health insurance may seem like an extra cost, but when travelling outside of Canada's free 

healthcare boundary it is very beneficial to have this coverage. 

A few main components of travel insurance include: 

  • Medical emergency (accident or sickness) 
  • Trip cancellation 
  • Trip interruption 
  • Lost, stolen or damaged baggage, personal effects or travel documents 

Overall heading south should be a treat, and the fewer worries the better. Keeping this in mind make sure all of your loose ends are tied up before you go including: your home or cottage winterizing needs, travel insurance, car and other automobile insurance as well as making sure you have proper coverage for all aspects of your winter getaway. 


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