New Year's Resolutions For A Safe 2017

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New Year's Resolutions For A Safe 2017

As we welcome 2017, many of us set New Year’s Resolutions and vow personal betterment in a variety of aspects in our lives. We set personal goals for our health, our work, our lives at home, and more. As we reflect on these things we’d like to improve, we should also consider ways to improve our safety. We’ve set five New Year’s Resolutions to keep us safe through 2017 and beyond. We invite you to draw inspiration from our resolutions and add increased safety to your list of goals.  

  1. Brush Up On Basic Knowledge- Car Ownership comes with the responsibility of knowing basic car safety procedures. Many drivers have forgotten —or simply never new— basic auto-related skills like how to change a tire or replace your car’s fluids. Make it a resolution to brush up on your knowledge of these handy skills. We even have your research covered, through our “Back to Basics” blog series. Take a quick scroll and refresh your knowledge of these very useful skills. A resolution to commit these skills to memory may have you thanking yourself throughout the year.      
  2. Be Aware Of Your Vehicle’s Needs- Proper vehicle care is a crucial way to ensure the safety of you and your family throughout your 2017 commutes. Rotate Tires every 10,000 miles and checking tire pressure monthly, replacing old bulbs, and changing oil regularly are all great ways to ensure your vehicle can operate at its best.  
  3. Replace Fire Detectors In Your Home- Check in with your home’s fire detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Is it time for an update? Resolving to stay on top of this important feature of your home could be life saving. Make sure your fire alarm systems are set to function fully throughout this new year.  
  4. Keep Your Driveway Clear Of Snow- We know this is no one’s favourite task, and especially in the Muskoka region, snow pile up can happen quickly. However, ensuring your driveways and entries to your home are free of ice, slush and snow is a very important safety matter. Not only is this a slipping hazard for those on foot, but it can also do damage to your vehicles. Resolve to stay on top of this task for 2017’s winter months!  
  5. Ensure Your Insurance Is In Order- Resolve to check in with your insurance broker to ensure everything is taken care of through 2017.  


Have a healthy, safe and happy New Year everyone! Happy 2017! 


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