Opening the Cottage

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Opening the Cottage

Before You Go 

Before heading off to the cottage this weekend check to make sure you have your current insurance documents for the cottage, boat and trailer. Here is a checklist of things you may want to consider before you hit the road: 

  • Test your trailer lights and connections to make sure they’re in working order 
  • Bring any cleaning supplies and tools you may need 
  • Check the weather forecast 
  • Have some snacks handy 
  • Don’t forget the keys 

When You Get There

An overall inspection when you first get to the cottage is always a good idea. A walk around the property checking for damage to the roof, power lines, deck, windows and screens, making sure all deck boards, railings and that the dock is secure. When checking the dock make sure it’s properly anchored and in the proper position. Also make sure all hardware and bumpers on the dock are in good condition.  While outside check for signs of vandalism or entrance points caused by squirrels and other critters. Once inside the cottage, turn on the electricity and water, checking for leaks. Look for any signs of water damage and signs of mice and other pests. Check inside cabinets and vents for insects and rodent droppings.   


Start by checking the batteries in all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors making sure they’re in good working order.  Also check that the flashlights and fire extinguisher are charged and in convenient locations in case of an emergency. Restock the medicine cabinet and first aid kit in case of an unexpected event. Calamine lotion, sunscreen, bug spray, band aids and Tylenol are staples to have. While outside, carefully check for any overhanging tree branches around your cottage, and clear any debris out of the eaves troughs to prevent any damage in a storm. 


Now that the cottage has been checked inside and out, put your feet up and enjoy. 


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