Surviving a Slippery Winter 101

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Surviving a Slippery Winter 101

Its true— winter is here! Though the ski slopes may be fun, slipping and sliding around the roads is not! As the sun sets sooner and the temperature gets colder, make sure you’re prepared for safe winter commutes!  


Winter road conditions pose a variety of challenges. Slippery road surfaces, less daylight time, decreased visibility, and slower commute times should all be anticipated. It is important when leaving the house in the cooler months, for a commute be it short or long, that you are prepared with the following survival essentials: 


  1. Winter Tires— Winter tires are essential for safe commutes throughout Muskoka’s Winters. It is important that your car is equipped with tires that are rated “Winter”, as opposed to “All Seasons” or “Snow and Mud”. The traction required through snowy, icy, and slushy circumstances is available exclusively with “Winter” tires. In addition, “Winter” tires have a much lower freezing point than any of it’s rivals. Insurance companies even offer “Winter Tire Discounts”. For more info on this, check out our “Winter Tire Discount Reminder” blog post!  
  2. Winter Survival Pack— There are a few essentials that should always be in your vehicles throughout the winter months. Incase you find yourself stranded for the night, it is crucial that these items are packed in your cars: 
  • Candle 
  • Matches 
  • Large Blanket  
  • Hand warmers 
  • A spare charged cell phone 
  • Flares- These will help rescuers see you!  
  • A wind up radio 
  • A First Aid Kit 
  • Jumper Cables  
  • A bag of Sand- Not only adds weight to your car (improving traction), but can be spread on the ground to gain traction if you are stuck 
  • Ice Scraper 
  • Dried Foods 
  • Flashlights  
  • A shovel 
  • Extra Batteries- for flashlights 


These tools will help you avoid accidents, as well as survive any that occur, no matter how bad the storm! By keeping warm and safe and making sure you can signal for help, you are taking all the steps you can to ensure success.  


3. Full Vehicle Lights— It’s getting darker sooner, and storms decrease visibility even more; the last thing you want is to not be anticipated by other vehicles! Many newer vehicle models exclude the “auto lights” feature on the vehicle. As you fasten your seatbelt, make a habit of ensuring that both head and tail lights are fully on!  


These three essential steps will keep you safe on through our harsh winter season.  

Safe Travels Everyone! -HRC 

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