Travel Safety Tips

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Travel Safety Tips

Whether you are going to your cottage or heading down south, it is always a good idea to have a few travel safety tips in mind. Being prepared can make the difference between a good vacation and a great one. All the way from travel insurance to where not to go are good things to know before you go on any new exploration. We can only outline a few of the biggest safety tips for traveling but there are numerous blogs and resource websites that give great ways to stay safe on your holiday this year. 

Travel insurance and Immunizations 

Making sure you have the right travel insurance for a trip is always a good plan, come ask us for advice about your travel plans. Also calling your family doctor to make sure all your immunizations and health records are up to date. Some countries require documentation of immunization records to enter the country not to mention this prevents any foreign infections or diseases. 

Unfamiliar places 

In countries that you are unfamiliar with it is advised to be cautious around areas that are dark and unpopulated. Going out at night is not recommended as in some poor and even wealthy countries people have different values and different ways that may not be as safe or secure as Canada. 

Lock it up 

Theft is a very large concern when traveling and it is not uncommon. If you have access to a safe in your hotel room this can be the best way to safeguard your valuables. Also making sure all doors and windows are shut in your hotel room can ensure limited visibility and therefore less reason to try and break in. When you are on day trips or just out and around be sure to think about pickpockets and theft in public places. Keeping wallets in a fastened pocket and always keeping an eye on your luggage can help to prevent theft on your trip. 

Drink responsibly 

Being intoxicated may be an allure in an all-inclusive but having your wits about you can lead to a much more enjoyable trip. Showing off jewelry and fancy clothes and then losing control of yourself due to over consumption can lead to many dangerous scenarios. Drinking responsibly can still be fun and prevent theft as tourists that are drunk are often targets. 


From Mexico to a Florida cottage, be safe on all of your excursions and remember Hutcheson Reynolds & Caswell, trust, Integrity, choice. 

Wishing you all the best on your adventures! 

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