What is Wrong With this Image?

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What is Wrong With this Image?

Obviously it's silly too see so many of these things grouped up, but we've all had a close call due to some circumstance beyond our control. The fact is that any one of these possible events by themselves could cause a lot of grief and the DO happen.
The solution (Spoilers ahead)

Still searching the image? Go no farther as here are all the hazards found in the image above. Did you miss any? 

Fall hazards

  • The cord across the floor by the fridge.
  • Shoes blocking the door. 
  • Water on floor in front of stove.

In the last year there was over 175,000 emergency department visits due to slips, trips and stumbles.*

Hot substance

  • Pot handle sticking off the stove.
  • Cup sitting on the edge of the island.

In 2018 1199 people where hospitalized due to injuries from hot substances.*

Accidental Cuts

  • Knife on the edge of the island.

In the last year nearly 100,000 people in Ontario alone reported to emergency for cutting and piercing injuries.*

Accidental Poisonings

  • Child safety lock under sink is not latched
  • Open pill bottle on counter.

There was over 28,000 cases of accidental poisonings in Ontario over the last year.*

Electrical / Fire

  • Light switch cover by the door. 
  • Toaster on the edge of the running sink is plugged in.
  • Tinfoil on plate of food in the microwave.
  • Paper towel on the hot stove.

In 2018 There where 7000 structural fires in Ontario that resulted in a injury, fatality or financial loss.**

Crazy? Not as much as you would think.

While these things are unlikely, they ALL happen daily.

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  • Home Insurance
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Let us help you secure the future.

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* Slips, trips and falls: Our newest data reveals causes of injury hospitalizations and ER visits in Canada - Table 8:

** Ontario Fire Incident Summary - "2018: Fire Incidents in Ontario":

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