Why should I Insure my Boat?

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Why should I Insure my Boat?

Many people might ask why would I put insurance on a boat when I only drive it for two months and the rest of the year its parked in a warehouse. There are many reasons to insure your boat, as lakes are becoming more crowded and the odds for an accident may be slim but they do still occur. Make sure you have the right protection on your boat as it can make a large difference in the event of an accident. 

During the Boating Season 

There are many risks while boating and knowing all of the risks can help to make you a smarter captain. When you are out on the water it might seem like there's nothing to worry about but rocks and deadheads may lurk just beneath the surface. Having proper coverage can not only protect you from hitting rocks with your propeller and transom but it can also cover falling trees and other damage that can be unpredictable. 


You may think your boat is totally secure in a storage shed but not all the time. There are a few cases where boats incurred severe damage throughout the winter and come springtime the boat has drastically dropped in value. The largest concern in winter is the snow load on the storage shed.  When snow piles up on these boat sheds there is not only the weight of the snow but also the boats that are suspended from the structure. 


Whether you are tubing to waterskiing, wakeboarding and knee boarding, there's always an element of risk in the water. Reading safety manuals can drastically help to lower the odds of an accident but cannot reduce the risk fully. Having the proper liability coverage can make the difference in the event of an accident. Do your part to properly insure your boat to protect your family and guests out on the water. 

Creating a great weekend on the lake starts with your insurance broker, swimming can be fun but when you rely on your boat for weekend fun make sure its properly insured. Not only are you protecting your assets but you are also protecting a lifestyle you worked hard for! 


Wishing you a great spring from your independent insurance broker. 

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