Winter Car Maintenance

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Winter Car Maintenance

As we all know winter brings some harsh conditions for your vehicle. Cottage country is often smothered with snow and the only way to fight back is with sand and salt. Sand can sometimes have small rocks within it and can chip paint, salt can increase the rust in wheel wells and around the bottom of your vehicle, and last but not least the cold temperatures and piles of snow brought on by winter. There are however some ways to increase your vehicle's lifespan if you spend the extra money on some preventative solutions. 

Tires and Rims 

Changing your tires may seem obvious but many people do not change them or just have all seasons all year. Changing your rims in the winter to steel rims can also prevent your summer and/or stock rims to rust or corrode. Insurance companies even sometimes offer a discount for winter tires. 

To undercoat or not? 

You may have heard of a service that sprays your car with an oil or rubber like substance that protects it from the elements. These services are very beneficial to the length of your automobiles life as it repels salt and snow. This service can be done once a year and costs around 100- 150 dollars. 

Washing your car in winter? 

Some people say washing your car in the winter is bad for it but actually washing your car in the winter can add years to its life. Washing your vehicle in temperatures below -10 can be detrimental because the water can get in places and freeze causing possible malfunctions. Washing your car on a warm winter day can be very positive because this gives you a chance to get some of the hard stuck on snow and salt particles off. Make sure not to use excessive amounts of soap as they are a little more abrasive in cold temperatures. 

Plug It In 

Most automobiles if left outside on a cold, cold night will start but if you have a block heater it is suggested to plug your vehicle in. Not only will this make it easier on your vehicle and starter in the morning but it also can add life to your vehicle and the engine components. Not to mention plugging in your car overnight makes your heater work a little faster in the morning. 

Overall, as Canadians we face many different weather conditions but winter seems to give us the most challenges. With this being said we have to take into consideration our vehicles lifespan. With just a few small preventative measures you can save your car from the harsh conditions that winter throws at it.   

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